Air-Oil Heat Exchanger

Product Description

The Air Cooled Oil Heat Exchanger is built up of shallow tubes having internal turbulators and external fins on all contact surfaces which results in a hugely efficient heat transfer. Multipass versions are especially suitable for low flow applications. The fans are external rotor motor type with ZZ ball bearing for maintenance free operation.

Hydraulic Oil loses a lot of its characteristics at high temperatures. Heat not only reduces the durability of the oil but it also increases the wear and tear of the hydraulic components of the system. It is therefore important to cool the oil and keep it t an optimum temperature. Air cooled oil coolers are an ideal solution for cooling hydraulic oil.

Advantages of Air-Cooled Oil Coolers Vs Water-Cooled Oil Coolers:

  • They eliminate cooling water, pump, plumbing and cooling tower.
  • Saves expense incurred on the electric power required for the water pump, for the entire life of the equipment.
  • A complete, easy to mount and ready-to-use system.
  • Saves space as they can be mounted on the hydraulic system without any extensive piping.

Technical Specifications:

  • Units are equipped with a fin & tube heat exchanger & axial fan
  • Air is passed over the exchanger external surface area and oil flows inside the tube from the bleed line of the power pack.
  • The temperature of the oil depends upon the ambient temperature.


  • Machine tool machinery manufacturers
  • Plastic machinery / Product Manufactures
  • Laser cutting machinery manufacturers
  • Sand reclamation equipments in Foundries
  • EDM Wire cutting machine manufacturers

Why Us ?

  • Costumers-Img Model - HR-OA
  • Costumers-Img Capacity 3KW
  • Costumers-Img Compact Design Smaller Footprint
  • Costumers-Img Easy To Handle
  • Costumers-Img Low Noise Operaion
  • Costumers-Img Plug & Play
  • Costumers-Img Cools Oil w/o Compressor
  • Costumers-Img High Speed Fan
  • Costumers-Img Polyurethane Micro Filter
  • Costumers-Img Vandel Proof For Outdoor Application
  • Costumers-Img Enery Saver
  • Costumers-Img GI Powder Coated
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