Fried Ice Cream Machine

Product Description

Quick Cooling For Quick Profits

Keep your rolls chilled & your clients happy with fried ice cream machine from Himalaya, one of india’s leading refrigeration company. Designed to meet the heavy demands of ice creams , these machine come with heavy duty compressors that allow the pan to freeze the ice cream quickly. And they are built rugged & ready for operation in Indian conditions. The perfect solutions for your business.

From cooling to freezing, the best solutions from Himalaya

As leaders in refrigeration solutions for nearly 35 years now, Himalaya has the best solutions to meet all forms of cooling needs. From freezing to cooling applications, our range of commercial & industrial cooling applications is amongst the widest in the industry. They come with a combination of features to ensure that there is a model designed for your specific needs.

Unmatched Features:

  • Direct Refrigerant Injection Under The Pan With Unique Channel Path, For Fast Cooling Resulting In Low Power Consumption & Energy Efficient.
  • S.S 304 having 4 mm Thickness Of The Pan, For Extreme Durability To Withstand The Harsh Chopping During Preparation Of The Ice Cream.
  • Fully Hermetically Sealed Energy Efficient & Durable Reciprocating Compressor emerson make.
  • Dual Mode - Standby Mode & Production Mode, Under Standby Mode The Compressor Auto Cut Off’s To Maintain The Pan Temperature, Whereas In Production Mode The Microprocessor Based Controller Controls The Pan Temperature As Per The Set Value. (Easy To Operate Even For A Beginner).
  • Mechanically Operated Thermostatic Expansion Valve Controls Refrigerant Flow In Reference To The Superheat.
  • Suction Line Emulator Prevents Refrigerant Flooding During Startup Hence Increasing The Life Of The Compressor.
  • Over Sized Air Cooled Aluminum Sine Wave Fin & Inner Grooved Copper Tube Condenser For Efficient Performance Under Extreme Summer.
  • 24 Hour, 350 Psig Nitrogen Tested.
  • Minimal Use Of Fasteners For Ergonomic Design.
  • Height Adjustable Leg Or Lockable Castor Wheel.
  • Robust & Sturdy Pipe Frame Body Structure P.P Powder Coated.
  • Optional Customized Solutions For Designer Looks & Accessories Available In Our In-House Production Facility.
  • High density Puff insulation for better holding time.
  • Pre painted sheet for longer life & easy cleaning.
  • Easy controlable Thermostat for accurate temperature control.
  • Easy to clean & maintain hygiene.
  • Robust construction for heavy duty use.


Power Supply

Pan thickness & diameter

No of pockets

Pocket dimension


Dimension WxDxH inch.


750W, 230V 1PH 50Hz

4 mm S.S 24 inch Ø






750W, 230V 1PH 50Hz

4 mm S.S 24 inch Ø


162x176x100 (mm)




1500W, 230V 1PH 50Hz

4 mm S.S 24 inch Ø





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