Refrigerator air dryer

A refrigerated air dryer is fundamental in a large group of factories. Which requires a standard inventory of dry, compressed air. These air dryers are basic in mechanical activities in light of the fact that the moisture present in the air of industry can harm pneumatic systems, cause pipelines freezing, advance erosion in metallic parts, and so forth.

In today’s market, we have many choices and scopes in refrigerated air dryers. But an accurate understanding of the various sorts of Refrigerated air dryers and their standards of activity will allow you to pick the best air dryer for your unique utilization.

Working principle of refrigerated air dryer

As the name suggests, a refrigerated air dryer works by chilling off the air.

when warm wet air enters the dryer, at that time it is chilled off to around 3 degrees Celsius. The water vapor that was noticeable all around consolidates into water.

Similar as your window does on a winter’s(or a cool) day. The fluid water is then eliminated from the packed air by a water trap.

From that point onward, the cooled air is re-warmed to room temperature. Since more water has deliquesced into the water, the air is presently much dryer.

The cooling process is done similarly as your cooler and refrigerator cool. In a different circuit, fluid refrigerant is dissipated in the evaporator, to chill off the warm packed air.

The air cool when the refrigerant gets hotter. The refrigerant is compacted by a little blower and cooled again in the condenser.

The evaporator (where the refrigerator cooling down the compressed air) is situated at the highest point of the dryer (the entire region at the top is the protected evaporator).

Generally, a compressed air dryer’s refrigerant circuit. In the center is the condensate trap (with water release lines).

On the right side the condenser with a cooling fan. In the center,  the refrigerant pipelines go to the evaporator. At the left the condensate trap once more.

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