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We all know that air coolers are essential and they are very helpful on summer days or severe heat days. But they also have some drawbacks too. Today we will discuss all the disadvantages and side effects of air coolers.

Air coolers absolutely rely upon environmental conditions. Air coolers convert water to vapor. The water fumes add to the air and cool the internal air of your room. The moist regions have high water, currently noticeable all around. So when you run an air cooler in high moist regions, there is a bad situation for extra humidity to the air, making the air cooler work successfully. So, air coolers don’t function admirably in high damp regions. The waterfront regions have high dampness, making them not productive in high moist regions. 


Air coolers are extremely uproarious. Air coolers have two parts. One, the fan or blower to move the air. Another is the water engine, to move water. Both the fan and water engine make so much noise. To avoid the noise, you can put the air cooler in the outer area of the window.

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Air cooler requires constant maintenance. You really have to clean the air cooler regularly, Aside from that you have to fill the water in the tank. These are everyday activities making it harder to oversee. If there is a water shortage in the city. Air cooler systems will turn out to be very troublesome situations. 

During the runtime of the air cooler, water vanishes and the dampness is noticeable all around. Expansion in the stickiness is a lot of possible conditions to build microorganisms, infections which grow in the water. Asthma patients ought to be extremely cautious with regard to the use of air coolers. Air cooler causes asthma assault. So It is better not to utilize the air cooler. 

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