Precision temperature control in plastics production processes ensure enhanced quality and dimensional stability of the finished product. As such the use of efficient thermoregulation is a fundamental precondition for the qualitative and aesthetic properties of plastic components in addition to constituting an important factor in reducing the duration of production cycles. Incorrect process temperature control can lead to surface flaws of the finished product including roughness, blisters, and opacification, as well as structural defects including impairment of the mechanical properties and dimensional instabilities. HRI water chillers perfectly respond to the general requirements of industrial applications, i.e. absolute reliability, the capacity to handle abrupt changes in thermal load and flexibility in operation.These solutions utilise ambient air to cool the process fluid free of charge, thereby eliminating energy wastages caused by running the refrigerant compressors during winter periods. Plastics: just one of a multitude of applications where HRI is leader.

Machine Tools

HRI liquid chillers are the ideal solution where production processes or individual HRI liquid chillers are the ideal solution where production processes or individual machine tools require a precise and stable temperature control. Even though they account for only a minimal proportion of the total cost of a plant, HRI liquid chillers are of vital importance in assuring both the reliability of the process and the quality of the finished product, completely safeguarding the process 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.Accurate temperature control ensures increased productivity, but above all it leads to a reduction in the defect rate whilst also increasing the lifetime of the machine tools.

HRI chillers are also ideal for both the temperature control of surface coating or galvanization dip baths, where they ensure optimised production cycles, as well as in the compliance to environmental protection regulations, by means of systems for solvent condensation and the reduction of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere. Machine tools: just one of a multitude of applications where HRI is leader.

Food & Beverage

HRI has over twenty five years experience in the production of food & beverage process cooling systems. The multiple applications in which HRI liquid chillers are implemented range from direct cooling of frozen foods, fish and pasta, to indirect cooling of dairy products, chocolate, meats and beverages, including fruit juices. HRI units are also succesfully applied in direct or indirect expansion cooling using water/glycol mixtures for fruit and vegetable produce processing and for storage premises, which call for extreme precision as regards temperature and humidity control.

HRI chillers are capable of satisfying the specific challanges of the food & beverage sector, including elevated system reliability, thanks to innovative design solutions, premium quality components and materials and redundancy of the refrigerant circuits, as well as utmost levels of hygiene, with the availability of various NON-FERROUS hydraulic circuits, including stainless steel, as well as stainless steel unit housings. High precision temperature control in the various processes ensures increased productivity, ensuring that the product reaches each stage of the production process in precise and repeatable conditions, and safeguarding the all-important organoleptic properties of the finished product such as taste, colour and smell. Food & beverage: just one of a multitude of applications where HRI is leader.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

An HRI chiller, optimized for utilization in a multitude of chemical and pharmaceutical An HRI chiller, optimized for utilization in a multitude of chemical and pharmaceutical applications, constitutes a reliable and economically viable system solution. The chiller must not only ensure continuity of the process, but must also adapt its cooling capacity output as rapidly as possible to match fluctuations in the system cooling demands, ensuring perfect temperature control at all times and in every condition imaginable. Chemical and pharmaceutical industries benefit notably from the implementation of an HRI chiller.

HRI chillers respond perfectly to the specific needs of such applications as they are able to guarantee a high level of reliability by means of field-proven design and refrigerant circuit redundancy, as well as very high control precision thanks to their close temperature control properties, achieved by hot gas injection or continuous cooling capacity control.

HRI chillers can be equipped with stainless steel frames and coated condensing coils for the use in plants which utilize aggressive fluids. In addition, when a very high level of process fluid purity must be guaranteed, the units can be supplied with a NON-FERROUS hydraulic circuit. Chemicals and pharmaceuticals: just one of a multitude of applications where HRI is leader.

Cooling your industry, optimising your process.

Modern industry’s increasing levels of sophistication and capital investment imply that highest precision with zero downtime are an absolute must for an economically viable process. HRI’s cooling solutions,developed specifically for industrial Users, perfectly answer industry’s need for precise temperature control and absolute reliability, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The cost of not implementing the optimised solution far exceeds the cost of an optimised HIMALAYA industrial cooling solution.

Application driven Customer solutions

HRI’s success is based upon understanding Customer applications. At HRI the aim is not to merely supply products, rather to fully maximize Customer potential. The following are just some of the sectors where HRI excels: plastics & rubber, lasers, food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, metal working, machine tools, welding, commercial air conditioning, & industrial air conditioning. So whatever your application, HRI has the answers.

The Perfect Solution...

Achieving a successful industrial cooling solution is an art: the art of perfectly answering the specific needs of each and every industrial application; the art of understanding that individual applications differ significantly, and require significantly differing process cooling solutions; the art of ensuring that each and every application, however complex, benefits from precise temperature control and utmost reliability at all times. HRI benefits from over 30 years experience in industry, its experience matured in the most diverse applications imaginable. HRI’s customers can be found on all continents, with expert personnel in ready to provide advice and support to its customers.

HRI’s reputation has been gained thanks to some of the most famous names in the industrial market, companies which have chosen HRI as their partner for their individual cooling needs. HRI’s vast product range, specifically designed for the industrial user, offer an endless list of options and accessories to personalize them to the individual need. To this one should add the ability to create special products tailored to specific customer needs. Which brings us to the secret of our success, truly and completely understanding your application.

But not just understanding it: more importantly, understanding how to perfectly solve its cooling needs. Whichever your application, however particular and diverse it may be, chances are HRI has already successfully solved a similar problem in the past. So ask yourself: do I merely want a product which cools, or do I want an optimised solution to my specific industrial application? An HRI solution.


Plastics & Rubber

presses, injection moulding, extrusion (sheet & profile), blow moulding, thermoforming, PET

Metal working

processing & transformation of precious metals, aluminium working & processing


(with a specific Laser chiller) cutting, welding, profiling, optics, medical, engraving

Mechanical & Engineering

machine tools, welding machines, rolling mills, presses, extruders, cutting, profiling, polishing, electric spark machinery, hydraulic control unit oil cooling, pneumatic transport, heat treatment

Food & drinks

(confectionary, bakeries, distilleries, breweries, wineries, dairies, bottling, carbonation, meat & fish processing, vegetable & salad processing, storage

Paper & related applications

printers, cardboard, labels, plastic film

Chemical & pharmaceutical

jacketed vessels, polyurethane foam mixers, natural gas, industrial cleaning, laboratories, healthcare, solvents, paints

Other applications

ceramics, textiles, wood, air compressor cooling, other applications.

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