Capacity from 1 TR to 35 TR.

Refrig : R-134A (CFC Free), R-407C (CFC Free), R-22 (Freon)

Liquid Temperatures from Plus 3 to Plus 25 deg. C.

HIMALAYA has been the qualified air cooled water chillers and conditioning system manufacturer company in India. We are  first choice of people for many industries since 1980. Air cooled water chillers are trusty, authentic, and simple to implement.  Air Cooled Water Chillers designed for indoor /outdoor use. our proven reliability is a result of the selection of high quality componentry and rugged construction which ensures long life and trusted performance.

If you are ready for latest installation or replacement an existing chiller for indoor or outdoor replacement we have a Chiller which will suit to your expectations.

Air Cooled Water Chillers Conditioning Functions and Features:

EFFICIENT SCROLL COMPRESSORS of Danfoss (Denmark) or emerson (USA) are provided as standard in all air cooled scroll chiller packages. These air compressors includes a extremely high efficiency in built motor and hybrid-wrap scroll design. It helps to decrease the energy prices in normal operating conditions & delivers high capacity and recuperated pressure ratio for refrigeration uses.

MULTIPLE COMPRESSORS guarantees higher reliability and reduces starting current, making them ideal for small and medium industry applications without having to increase the installed grid power load, switchgear, transformers and generator rating hence saving initial capital costs. During part load conditions, only the number of compressors that are required to meet the load requirement are switched ON.

Exhaust air FRONT DISCHARGE from the condenser of installations get unique installation necessities.

HIGH COPPER as a result efficient condensing of the refrigerant. These air cooled scroll chiller units are designed to meet the applicable requirements of ASHRAE/ANSI 15 Safety Code. Since these condensers are generously sized, efficient condensing of the refrigerant leads to lower IKW compared with other available brands. Besides, in part load conditions the entire condenser coil surface area is utilised to reject heat even if one compressor is in operation thereby increasing operating efficiency.

SHELL & TUBE EVAPORATOR( optional) is built with copper tubes of 19 SWG that enables them to withstand hard water with PH even greater than 8. The copper tubes consider patented star turbulator which inserts that offer turbulence to the refrigerant liquefied through the copper tubes. As a  outcome of this turbulence these Shell & Tube evaporators have extremely efficient heat transfer with the copper tube. The shell is manufactured from high-grade steel. The evaporator is developed as per ASME Section VIII Div.1.

HIGH AMBIENT TEMPERATURE of 45 deg. C considered as basis of design. This assure higher accuracy even in the toughest summer situations. For installations meant for conditions that experience sub-zero temperatures, anti-freezing elements are factory installed.

ULTRA EFFICIENT CONDENSING using inner engraved copper tube outcomes in power savings and less maintenance rates. The fins are CNC assembled in special grade aluminum of 0.15 mm thickness that are mechanically expanded around internally grooved 0.5 mm thick copper tube, in a staggered sine wave pattern. AXIAL FANS of 5-lobe, bird-wing design are a qualified feature of air cooled scroll chiller range. The numerous of fans switched ON is by default controlled depending on the compressor discharge pressure. This feature also results in substantial power savings.

ATTAINABLE  IN A  PREFERRED OF REFRIGERANTS R-22 (Freon), R-407C and R-134a. Both R-407C and R-134A are eco friendly and non-ozone expending refrigerants.

THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVE is offered as a standard part of the air cooled scroll chiller equipment.

CONTROL PANEL with IP-65 protection is provided as standard part of the air cooled scroll chiller equipment. The control panel is rainproof memorize that. Its installation in open spaces.

Microprocessor based controller is a qualified part of the air cooled scroll chiller equipment. The controller permits numerous set points that can compose to particular set of values that might conclude within the safe operating range. In any case of any aperture in any of the set point value the controller shall cruise the chiller after the fed safety duration period has passed and see it on the LCD display. Besides, the controller by default adjusts the number of condenser fans and compressors that need to be switched ON ensuring power saving.

Optional Features:

SOFT STARTER offers smooth speeding up as current is utilized gradually. Besides, Soft starters also break the compressor motor constantly as disputing to the accidently jerk accomplished in DOL or Star Delta type starter panels. This extra feature enhances the compressor bearing life.

HYDROPHOBIC COATED FINS which repels distillation and enhances efficiency of the air  condenser. The hydrophobic coating automatically decease the friction of air over fins so they do not capture any dirt and deflate corrosion.

Custom solutions are also available for direct expansion choices.

CIRCULATION PUMP & TANK MODULE can be optionally provided along with the chiller for circulation of chilled water to the process. This reduces installation time.


  • Food (Beverages, Confectionery, Chocolate, Storage)
  • Plastics (Injection, Blow Molding, Extrusion, Film Extrusion, thermoforming)
  • Laser (Welding, Profiling, Cutting Optics, Medical, Marking, Aesthetics)
  • Paper (Manufacturer, Printing, Card Board, Labels, Plastic Film)
  • Chemical (Petro chemical, Paints, Solvents, Temperature Control)
  • Mechanical (Welding, Cutting, Profiling, Polishing, Rolling, Grinding)
  • Other (Wood, Ceramics Gold & Silver, Pharmaceutical, Textile)
3.15 Kw/H ,230 v ac, 1 Ph , 50 Hz RE-CIRCULATING TYPE(AIR COOLED) R22
1018 612 980
6.3 Kw/H ,415 v ac, 3 Ph , 50 Hz RE-CIRCULATING TYPE(AIR COOLED) R22
840 1830 765
11.94 Kw/H ,415 v ac, 3 Ph , 50 Hz RE-CIRCULATING TYPE(AIR COOLED) R22
1062/SIDE 1827 1717
13.5 Kw/H ,415 v ac, 3 Ph , 50 Hz RE-CIRCULATING TYPE(AIR COOLED) R22
1062 1827 1717


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