The Dehumidifier is reduced the humidity level in the air, which is generally for health issues. Dehumidifiers induce an excess of water that has been separated from the conditioned air. Dehumidifiers are also used in industrial climatic chambers, to covered relative humidity within certain rooms to keep at levels conducive to the processing of products.

Himalaya Refrigeration Air Dehumidifiers are specially developed in India to match unique moisture/humidity control necessities during processing, packaging, drying, and storage. We specialize in both standard and customized industrial desiccant & mechanical dehumidifier system solutions. It gives unmatched specifications and applications or usages.

Industrial desiccant dehumidifiers are designed mostly tailor-made with accurate technicality and customized units.


  • Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  • Punch Card Storages rooms
  • Coating Dept
  • Communication Equipment cabins
  • Packing Rooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Processing Industries
  • Textile Wrapping & Quilling rooms
  • Printing & Lithography
  • Wood Seasoning
  • Painting Booths & Painting Industry
  • Food Storage
  • Powdered sugar users
Sr Particular Specification
(1) Compressor Emerson Climate Technology India Make Model Cr 22 3 Ph
(2) Axial Fan Kanbo Make 450mm Dia 3 Ph1440 R.P.M 4200 C.M.H. Free Air Delivery
(3) Heat Exchanger For Condenser Copper Inner Grove Tube Mechanically Bonded With Aluminum Sine Wave
10 F.P.I. Blue Fin With 8.69 Sqm Surface Area
(4) Heat Exchanger For Condenser Copper Inner Grove Tube Mechanically Bonded With Aluminum Sine Wave
10 F.P.I. Blue Fin With 8.69 Sqm Surface Area
(5) Control Panel Equipped With ,
Main Suppliy Power Isolator
System On/Off Switch ,With Illumination
S.P.P. For Power Input Monitoring
Conatator For Compressor And Axial Fan
M.P.C.B. For Compressor And Axial Fan
Indication For,
Compressor Trip,
L.P. / H.P. Trip
System On ,
Controlled By Micro Processor Based Digital R.H.. Controller
Cable & Lugs
Cage Clamp Terminal
L & T Sulzer
Tele Austria
Lapp Cable Wago
(6) Dryer Filter Danfoss Make With Solder Connection
(7) H.P. & L.P. Pressure Switch Danfoss Make
(8) Thermostatic Expansion Valve Emerson Make (Alco )
(9) Copper Tube Met Tube Malaysia
(10) Refrigerant R 22 ( SRF ) U.S.A.
(11) Body Structure Bilt On G.I. 1.2 Mm Pipe Frame And Cover With 1.2 Mm G.I. With Power Coating Sheet
With Caster Will
(1) De-Humidifier Recalculating air type
Model HR-De-humidifier -4.5-
Power input 2.3 Kw/H ,415 v ac, 3 Ph , 50 Hz
De humidification capacity 12 lph
Drian Pipe Connection 1/2” bsp U.p.v.c.fitting
Compressor Reciprocating
Heat exchanger Fin & tube type
R. H. indicator Digital




Surface Area:
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