Himalaya Oil Chillers of India are specially designed to cool oil directly through refrigerant-to-oil heat exchanging circuits. The Chillers are developed to control the oil arriving the evaporator at high in temperature than by default temperatures, even the outlet temperature of the oil also being concluded higher than the qualified process cooling Uses. These Chillers work within highly tropicalized weather situations, Covering high fluid temperatures, which makes the plan of these Chillers interlaced & actually extraordinary. Designing and the choice of equipment are critical to conform to particular cooling requirements as well as very high oil pressures.

Operational features:

  • Year round operation/ allows equipment to run continuously due to controlled oil temperature
  • Oil temperature can be maintained between 25 deg. C to 40 deg. C.
  • High efficiency plate heat exchangers assures energy efficient operations as well as precise cooling.
  • Rugged design: The system cabinet and components are rugged enough for continuous and reliable industrial operation.
  • Micro processor based digital temperature controllers ensures tamper proof and precise operation
  • High efficiency gear pumps for reliable and continuous operation Compressor, fan and pump are independently electrically operated.
  • Factory packaged and tested systems/wired, charged and piped. Tested for operation and cooling performance before installation.


  • CNC machining center, CNC grinding machine, broaching machine, CNC woodworking
  • machine,CNC punching machine, CNC lathe, high speed lathe.
  • Hydraulic system.
  • High speed spindle.

Load calculation:

  • Model - HR-OCHILL
  • Range 0.25tr-10tr
  • High Sensible Cooling
  • High Static Backward Curved Fan
  • Fully Programmable Micro-Controller
  • Polyurethane Micro Filter
  • SS Heat Exchanger
  • Alarm For Critical Failure
  • Over / Underload Protection
  • Vandel Proof For Outdoor Application
HR-OCHILL-2.25-PHE 1.5 TR 1.6 415VA 50Hz 3PH 1″ BSP
HR-OCHILL-7-PHE 2 TR 2.75 415VA 50Hz 3PH 1″ BSP
HR-OCHILL-8.82-PHE 2.5 TR 3.24 415VA 50Hz 3PH 1″ BSP
HR-OCHILL10.41-PHE 3TR 3.84 415 v ac, 3 Ph , 50 Hz 1’’ BSP
Surface Area:
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