HIMALAYA is dedicated to production & manufacture on high quality refrigerated air dryers in India, designed to remove moisture and contaminates from compressed air systems. We select only the highest quality components and materials to use in the manufacturing process of our dryers.

Through a process of rationalization and innovation our dryers have evolved into a high quality product backed by the industry’s longest warranty. Thousands of our dryers are installed in some of the most well known industries. We are glad for our customers offer us the opportunity to serve their necessities and we get the point that our success depends on our ability to supply the best class standards and service.


  • Insulated heat exchanger
  • Energy saving—true green product
  • 3-in-1 heat exchanger
  • High efficiency compressors
  • Globally marketable refrigerant R-134a
  • Standard electronic timer drains
  • Refrigerant analyzer indicator
  • Fan cycle switch
  • Easy removable side panels and parts
  • Consistent dew point performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Low pressure drop
  • Evaporator with multi-stage separator stainless steel demister
  • High quality fan motors
  • Oversized condenser
  • HP,LP,WP overload safety trips.

Why Us ?

  • Model - Hrad
  • Capacity 20-200cfm
  • Compact Design Smaller Footprint
  • Easy To Handle
  • Low Noise Operaion
  • Plug & Play
  • SS Heat Exchanger
  • Polyurethane Micro Filter
  • Fully Programmable Micro-Controller
  • Auto Drain Valve
  • Auto Cut-Off
  • GI Powder Coated
HR-AD-20 20 16 232 230V 1PH 50Hz 3 c .1/2 BSP (F) 360 361.2 648 31.89
HR-AD-35 35 16 232 230V 1PH 50Hz 3 c .1/2 BSP (F) 360 361.2 648 32.61
HR-AD-50 50 16 232 230V 1PH 50Hz 3 c .1/2 BSP (F) 360 361.2 648 34.67
HR-AD-80 80 16 232 230V 1PH 50Hz 3 c .1/2 BSP (F) 360 361.2 648 36.45
HR-AD-120 120 16 232 230V 1PH 50Hz 3 c .1/2 BSP (F) 508 503 833 XX.XX


Refrigerated Air Dryer FAQs

As the name suggests, a refrigerated air dryer works by chilling off the air. The warm wet air enters the dryer, where it is chilled off to around 3 degrees Celsius. All water fume that was noticeable all around consolidates into water. From that point onward, the virus air is re-warmed to room temperature.

In certain offices, a desiccant air dryer may just be required for specific applications and cycles. For instance, an auto body shop by and large will require just a refrigerated air dryer for the devices and general air utilizes, however, will profit from having exceptionally perfect and dry air for the paint stall.

A refrigerant air dryer is a particular kind of packed air dryer that is utilized to eliminate dampness from compacted air, which consistently contains water.

What is refrigerant drying? Refrigerant drying implies that the compacted air is cooled, which permits a lot of the water to gather and be isolated. After cooling and gathering, the compacted air is warmed to around room temperature so buildup doesn’t frame outwardly of the line framework.

With long time support of pre-channels, initiated alumina desiccant should last as long as 5 years in heatless dryers. For heat recovered dryers the desiccant should last 2 to 3 years. Desiccants can be outwardly investigated to search for staining and oil defilement.

The four principal sorts of compacted air dryers are refrigerated, synthetic, desiccant, and layer. See how each drying innovation attempts to realize which is best for your application. Refrigerated dryers work by cooling the air to low temperatures and gathering a significant part of the water fume.

A compressed air dryer is a piece of hardware intended to isolate water fume or dampness from modern interaction air. In the regular framework, a blower attracts muggy air and packs it, which raises the air temperature and afterward cooling the air gathering water fume out of the unit.

Cycling Dryers: Unlike the non-cycling refrigerated, the cycling utilizes extra gear like warm mass or recurrence regulators, which would permit the dryer to turn on and off dependent on the compacted air request coming into the dryer, at last making it significantly more energy-productive.

The purpose of air dryers is to stifle the dew point of your compacted air by eliminating water from it. Packed air can contain dampness, which, under the right conditions, can arrive at the dew point temperature and gather into an unsafe fluid.

Compacted air dryers are unique kinds of channel frameworks that are explicitly intended to eliminate the water that is inborn in packed air. Water fume is eliminated from compacted air to keep buildup from happening and to keep dampness from meddling in touchy modern cycles.

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